2018 State of Design : Error Notifications

This is a sample of my error page design for mobile application with the state of current design trends.

Error messages are always part of UX design and software development. There are no concrete rules on creating a specific error message for a website or mobile application. This was the practice few years ago, but recently I observed a lot of design meta trends that designers and products follow.

These are the observable design trends that apply to error messages on modern products:

1. Error messages are now design-concentric rather being focused on technical error messages. Previous design trends follow the technical errors that supports the debugging faster for developers, today designer use less of this approach because we usually have tech errors on the back-end or console debugging.

2. Tech error message are replaced with a simple apology like Sorry, Oops or something more fun and bubbly. This is usually associated with the design trend of having to create apps and products that are easier to use and to understand by the average user.

3. The concept of error messages revolve on the user being “lost” or “somethings not there” rather than a 404 message or a page not found notification which are prevalent in browsing errors but are also used in apps and other errors.

In order to create an up to date error page you need to consider the product design scheme that you are working on and usually they follow the same trend and should be a part of your design concept. Designers should not alienate the error message anymore unlike the previous practice similar to the blue screen crash message of windows in which you can really see the evolution of the error processing notifications through the updates of their OS.

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